Red Tags

The Law (in summary):

An article from 2004:
“That means no parties–or groups larger than five people–can occur on the
property for 180 days.”

This seems unconstitutional, what about the right to assemble?

The ACLU filed suit based on
violation of due process.

‘For their part, cops call red tags a potent tool in their arsenal to quiet
down uproarious college parties. “It’s extremely effective,” says Sgt. Marco
Borboa of the Tucson Police Department. “It’s the No. 1 way to address the
problem of unruly parties.”‘
An article about how this overly-broad and vague law can be used to

It seems that Arizona has a history of making overly-broad laws that can easily be used to discriminate.

Leno has Awarded AZ…

…worst state award.

Flyers Handed Out In AZ: “Report An Illegal Day”


Arizona Has A History of Sucking

Arizona is a pretty backwards place, and it has a history of doing things that suck. Here’s a great timeline that explains why:

You can find the original link here. Big thanks to


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